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Sims 2 Resource Page (In-Progress)

I might as well put one of these up. I haven't really posted anything yet but this will just be one more thing I won't have to do later.
My downloads folder is approximately 5 GB with over 16,000 files so if there is something you want to know where its from, don't be afraid to ask. I will try to help the best I can.

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I just don't care anymore. Eric and Estelle are the only reasons I have to want to live and I've failed them both. Eric is going to leave me and I won't be able to support Estelle. I'm not going to be able to be a good mother so what is keeping me here? Nothing.

Of Soju And Shinney References #1

There shall be a new reference posted each time a new ficlet is released. More information will be added about previous players/idols as is needed. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Click images for bigger views.
**To understand Alex Ovechkin and the vending machine, you may want to watch this**

The Idols

Henry. 5' 7". Member of Super Junior's Mandarin subgroup Super Junior M. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada.
Ryeowook. 5' 4". Vocals. Proclaimed as the Eternal Maknae (youngest member)
Donghae. 5' 7". Childhood friends with Eunhyuk. Acts his age. If his age were 6.
Kangin. 5' 9". Vocal. Korea's Number 1 Handsome Man. Kangin was away on military leave from 2010-2012. One of the pranksters of Super Junior as well as one of the oldest members.
Siwon. 6' 0". One of the more responsible members.
Eunhyuk. (Hyukjae) 5' 6". Rapper. Likes sports, especially soccer, and believes strawberries solve everything.

The Players

Carey Price. 6' 3". Goalie. Part time cowboy.
The Staals. (Jordan, Marc, Eric) 6' 3". Three out of four are in the NHL and serendipity made life slightly easier for Mama and Papa Staal with all of them in the same conference at least.
Duncan Keith. 6' 1". Duncan and Brent, who have been declared married and codependent by Coach Q and teammates, are the most recognizable backbones of the Chicago Blackhawks occasionally questionable defense. Duncan is well known for losing teeth in a playoff game.
Patrick Kane. 5' 10". Aka Kaner.  And Peekaboo.  The Hawks either call him a lot of shit or get bored in front of the cameras and start making up shit. Pat is basically that the annoying as fuck douche who is unfortunately still adorable.  Extremely prone to doing stupid shit while drunk, ranging from sleeping with creepers to getting arrested for punching a cab driver.
Brent Seabrook. 6' 3". Plays defense with Duncan. There is a strangely large amount of pictures on the internet of him drunk; that’s usually thought of as Kane’s domain on the Blackhawks.

Alex Ovechkin. 6’ 3”. Aka Ovie and to other Russians, Sanja. Ovie is different from the typical humble, Canadian, bland NHLer that the league officials tend to love. English is not a strong suit (being strangely charming is)

For PoK on tumblr

Possible Buldge:
Creases or Wooyang bulges?


Jizz faces:

Aoora in back

Idols with food:

Joo and Kimchi





Going through my Iowa vs Illinois post

I wrote that I wished Frank was the one. Obviously he isn't since he just up and left. I'm still sad about it sometimes but I'm getting better. Simon really has been helping with that, even though he has no idea.
I know I did this once before for a Writer's Block, but I'm listening to the song by P!nk and I really want to do one again for No Shame November.

Dear 13 year old me:
  • the scars will go away one day. Ten years later, you will still remember where they are though.
  • boys are boys. They are mean in middle school. Don't listen to them right now. Love yourself.
  • everyone in mean in middle school. Don't go into that bathroom and puke. Someday you will remember doing it and it will come back to kick you in the heart and the throat, not the ass.
  • your best friend just moved away, and I know it is hard. Please wait. Another girl will be coming into your life in the next two years and even though it doesn't seem like it at first, she will be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • trying to push others away with lies isn't going to help you. Someday you will find the ones that you want to tell the truth to, but you aren't going to know how to anymore. It will scare the hell out of you and you will be so broken that you just want to die but they are going to love you no matter what the truth is. You have to remember that.
  • relationships come and go. You don't want to become attached because you don't want your heart to get broken, and it will get even more difficult when your parents seperate in the few years, but do it. Fall in love with that girl your freshman year and let her know. Get your heart broken and put it back together. You will get hurt far worse in the future, but at least you won't regret not saying the things you felt. Don't deny love.
  • people tell you that you can't do things. Fuck them. Don't let yourself lose interest and prove them wrong!
  • you are having a hard time learning Spanish and Japanese seems like a great idea, but people are making fun of you for it and you are a bit confused about grammer and the alphabets. Who cares? Even if you can't speak Spanish and Japanese ends up being a bust, when you find that language you click with and fall in love with, the lessons you learned will help. Remember, English is the hardest language to learn and you did that!
  • shapedown class is so much fun! You love the stationary bike and working out to get rid of your emotions, so do that instead of cutting or binging! You already walk in the snow when you are upset; keep doing it. Start running. Sweating is another form of purging emotions, but in a healthy way. Who cares if you think people will judge you for being fat and running. You are trying and you will get there if you keep trying, but if you give up now you will only have yourself to blame.
  • music will continue being a huge part of your life. Enjoy it and don't be ashamed.
  • keep writing. Even if you feel like you suck, just keep at it. Don't compare yourself to others, because then you will just keep putting yourself down or even worse, give up like I have now. I don't ever write anymore, at 20 and haven't for a while and sometimes I really miss it.
  • smoking and drinking make you feel better temporarily. You don't become addicted to either, but you will go through withdrawl from nicotine once and you will find out just how much you mean to two people in your life.

Favorite Things meme by RazorCookie on dA

With an extra bit

fav color to wear: Purple
fav color to look at: Ummm yellow or green... I think..

fav animal: fox
fav baby animal: kitten!
fav mythical animal: Does Lorelei count? I vote Lorelei anyways! xD

~Video Games~
fav console/handheld: N64 and GBA
fav present game: Not sure :/ I like a lot of video games
fav past game: Pokemon Stadium and pokemon snap!
fav video game animal: Amaterasu?
fav video game human: Hmm D: Thats a tough one. I really don't know!

fav female celebrity: Kendra Wilkenson xD 
fav male celebraty: Taeyang? He's gorgeous and I have really been listening to him a lot lately.
fav female athlete: I really don't know.
fav male athlete: Chris Osgood and Alex Ovechkin. Because I am not just picking one 

fav new movie: I don't really like movies anymore
fav old movie: Mulan. Shocked? Anyone? 
fav animated movie: Spirited Away!

fav music: Almost everything.
fav singer/band: English: atm The Fray or The Script :: Korean: Big Bang
fav album: Don't even ask this xD
fav music in the past: Pretty much same stuff I listen to now. Minus the korean. xD

~Other Stuff~
fav weather: I think I've come to terms to the fact I NEVER like the weather xD
fav toy, new or old: No idea. :/
fav food: Thai